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Internet, A Tool To Propagate The Gospel

The internet is a tool to propagate the gospel to the whole world in the last days. Unfortunately the kingdom of darkness are swiftly harnessing the power of the internet to pull more souls into hell. The church kicked against internet and brought up so many ideologies to discourage Christians from harnessing it for Kingdom business. Even today, there are still strange ideologies in different Christian circles surrounding and discouraging the use of the internet by believers.

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Every Christian living in this last days to use the internet as a tool to pull souls from hell into the Kingdom. With social media, we can all have our own pulpits on the internet and reach out to thousands of souls. I don’t get why a Christian should be on social media but not using it for Kingdom business.

The world sees social media as a good place to catch fun, businesses and the likes but it shouldn’t just be so among Christians, since we understand that this present world is not just a place for fun or our personal business but also for business of the Kingdom (Soul winning). The kingdom of darkness is working tirelessly day and night, so why should Christians get online just to have fun and get updates? If that’s all social media is all about, then I’d rather have no social media handle! Remember, he that wins souls is wise and I will add that every end time Christian who uses social media to win souls is very wise!

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The internet is filled with both bad and good stuffs, no doubt. But Christians should know their boundaries and what is expected of them. What you seek on the internet is what you’ll find. Embrace the internet and use it in a way that glorifies God. Use the internet to market the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the will of the Lord for every Christian living in the last days!

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