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Are you a Pastor or Church Leader looking to expand your congregation this year? Digital marketing for churches allows you to grow your congregation without advertising in newspapers, magazines, or the Yellow Pages. Reaching a larger segment of your community allows churches to positively impact the lives of more people while increasing the churches growth. You can take your church to the next level in 2017 by creating a digital marketing campaign that expands interest in what your church has to offer.

Digital marketing is every aspect of your churches online presence that is designed to increase your reach to convert more souls. The largest part of your digital marketing campaign is building an online presence. Your churches social media presence and periodically written blogs are also integral into a digital marketing campaign. By optimizing your churches digital footprint, you can reach more potential new members while strengthening your churches brand’s reputation.


Local listing provides Citations which are defined as mentions of your church or business name and address on other webpages—even if there is no link to your website. Citations are very Important in the Local SEO strategy which helps churches to rank higher in search engine results for your area. Major search engines like Google and Bing crawl the web for citations that will validate or correct the information in their own indexes. Getting listed on sites like Yelp, Manta, Hotfrog, and others which all have church categories. These listing sites will reinforce search engines’ confidence in the accuracy of your churches name, location, and website.

Providing accurate and up-to-date information is essential when submitting to these directories. The most common reason local citations contain errors is, most people do not know they exist. Every local directory that you submit to is another chance to get found online, so it’s important to make sure the information listed correct.

The next step in digital marketing is building a strong landing page. A landing page’s design and development go a long way in engaging potential members and stopping visitors from clicking away from the site. The landing page should also be easy to navigate. If your landing page looks professional, potential members will associate your church with professionalism.

In 2017, building a landing page that is functional across all platforms is paramount. With people browsing the internet on their phones and other mobile devices every day, your landing page must be mobile friendly. If it isn’t, mobile users may find it clunky and unprofessional causing them to leave your site and possibly ended up on your competitor’s site.

The next step is writing content for your landing page. Landing page content includes descriptions of your church as well as a regularly updated blog. Well written, grammatically correct content portrays your church as well-informed and competent. Writing informative blogs about recent sermons also gives people another reason to visit your landing page. Digital marketing for churches is always more successful with a user-friendly and professional landing page.

In the digital age, establishing your churches social media presence is essential. Social media platforms are important tools in digital marketing for churches. They assist in driving traffic to your landing page, as well as in establishing your brand. Social media platforms can notify current and potential members when a new blog is posted on your church website. This increases awareness and can acquire new visitors searching for a new church home. Image-based platforms like Instagram can associate a face with your name, while text-heavy platforms like Twitter can keep members updated on the content of your landing page.

Once the churches landing page is functional, it needs to reach the maximum number of potential clients. The best way to do this is through search engine optimization, also known as SEO. SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular landing page by ensuring that the site appears on the first page of search engine results. A skilled digital advertising agency will do thorough research to find search keywords that will drive more traffic to your landing page. Also, frequently updating a landing page with new information that incorporate keywords will increase your landing page’s ranking and help bring it closer to the top of the page.

If you are a growing church, it is likely that you don’t have much time to design the perfect landing page update content regularly and remain current on social media. This is where digital advertising experts come into the picture. Specialists in digital marketing will have the tools and experience necessary to bring your practice to the next level.

When choosing an agency, it is important to look for accountability, solid communication, and integrity. If you pay for a service, it is necessary to know that you are actually getting what you paid for. Pick an agency that is accountable and clearly shows you every process in your digital marketing campaign. A transparent team of digital marketing experts will provide regular and detailed reports of their service.

You should also choose an agency with an open line of communication. This way you can check up on your campaign, approve its direction, and collaborate if needed. Finally, you should look for an agency with unparalleled integrity. Advertisers should let you know whether or not they can help you reach your goals, and should discontinue service if they are unable to help. Digital marketing for churches is the most effective when handled by the right team.

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